Spreading the safety message

“Downhill longboarding is a high-risk sport. There are cars in the mountains, sharp turns, strolling cows… All of them are potential risks. We want you to have fun in the safest way, that’s why we always start our downhill rides with a safety talk.”

When bombing hills at 80km/h with no airbag system nor seatbelt, the safety helmet is the only life-saver you have. The Atomic Krew is a group of downhill riders who get their weekly doses of adrenaline rush up the mountain roads in villages not far from Shanghai. Regardless of experience and skill, downhill riding can be dangerous. We collaborated with the Atomic Krew to design a t-shirt to spread the importance of wearing a helmet.

Translating traditional Chinese illustration to a fun design

Our inspiration came from the traditional Chinese safety poster found today at all construction sites. Through the lense of the Atomic Krew spirit of always having a good time and taking things less seriously, we came up with a design that’s fun and bold, yet familiar (almost nostalgic).

Written by Daisy