45 Degrees

Giving life to the neighborhood craft beer bar with a quirky hipster character.

Hipster is not a dirty word

It’s a simple story, he’s a simple dude. He looks like a stereotypical “counter-culture” hipster – big beard, tattoos, suspenders and a fedora. He’s the type we like to make fun of. But once you get to know him better, you realize being hipster for him means “counter-mass production” and the tiredless pursuit of better quality with all things craft.

Walking into 45 Degrees is not the same as walking into a craft beer bar. You’re entering the world of a hipster who cares almost too much about the perfect craft beer, among his other joys in life – custom motorcycles, surfing, indie movies and traveling.

“45 Degrees, the search for the perfect pour.

The search for that perfect balance between the creamy aromatic frothiness of the head and the thirst-quenching satisfaction of every sip. Thirsty yet?

Starting the pour at 45˚ helps achieve the perfect balance of carbonation. The technique calls for “straightening up to 90˚” to produce the perfect amount of head at the end.

The perfect head naturally creates a light tanginess, releases complex aromas you can smell every time you take a sip and gives a smooth mouthfeel. Now you’re thirsty.

Every step of the process is an important piece of the puzzle. It’s a ritual. It’s a simple task. It’s what we want to share with you.

45 Degrees. The simple truth of great beer.”


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