45 Degrees

Hoppy aroma, creamy froth and thirst-quenching satisfaction. Thirsty yet?

45˚ is the quintessential angle to start pouring a craft beer. Such precision is what 45 Degrees set out to perfect. Yet, not everyone loves maths. We crafted "the Dude" - a quirky hipster - to guide you through your craft beer journey.

From cold to cozy

45 Degrees is a neighborhood bar concept. Inspired by Scandinavian design and bold colors, 45 Degrees launched in Jingan’s hippest, expat-packed district. With its while tile and flat-color walls bare of decorations, the space felt slightly cold and not exactly welcoming. How do we make the space cozy and attractive to its creative, artsy neighbors?


Personality, crafted.

We began with a story. In this story, there’s a dude who is obsessed with the craft beer and custom motorcycles. To top off his hipster lifestyle, he wears a big beard, tattoos, suspenders and a fedora. How cliché, you said?

There’s nothing cliché about craft beer. The first beer brewed in history was crafted by hand. We’re going back to basics, while innovating craft with modern-day mixology. For the curious types, there’re always new flavors to explore. You can’t wait to come back for more.



45 Degrees, the search for the perfect pour.

The search for that perfect balance between the creamy aromatic frothiness of the head and the thirst-quenching satisfaction of every sip. Thirsty yet?

Starting the pour at 45˚ helps achieve the perfect balance of carbonation. The technique calls for “straightening up to 90˚” to produce the perfect amount of head at the end.

The perfect head naturally creates a light tanginess, releases complex aromas you can smell every time you take a sip and gives a smooth mouthfeel. Now you’re thirsty.

Every step of the process is an important piece of the puzzle. It’s a ritual. It’s a simple task. It’s what we want to share with you.

45 Degrees. The simple truth of great beer.


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