George Community

George Community is a team of coffee roasters with a mission to build a coffee culture in their hometown Guiyang. We helped them launch a specialty café and created a visual identity to fuel their mission.

Making specialty coffee approachable

In Guiyang, a fast-growing second tier Chinese city where tea-drinking culture dominates, there’s a blooming curiosity for coffee since the arrival of a giant American coffee chain. Yet, a specialty café – with its laboratory-style brewing equipments – might seem intimidating.

To share their passion and cater to the coffee bloom, three coffee roasters decided to expand their roastery business with a specialty café in the heart of their hometown. An important question is asked: How do we make specialty coffee approachable?

Visualizing the colorful world of coffee

George Community is a continuous journey of sourcing the best beans from coffee farms around the world and bringing out the endless flavor profiles through expertise in roasting and brewing.

We refreshed the brand with a visual language that’s simple, direct and easy-to-understand. Employing a combination of earthy fresh colors, simple geometry and iconography, every detail is crafted to help customers learn about coffee.


Social oasis atop a monotonous shopping street

Built on a slope at the higher end of the main shopping street, we knocked down the raised platform the previous bar sat on, and installed a stadium-style staircase and a takeaway window in the new café’s shop front.

This staircase connects the café to the street and invites locals to hangout with us over coffee. The two street-facing glass walls let in sunlight and highlight the café’s spaciousness. The Scandinavian-inspired interior creates a comfortable, welcoming and understated atmosphere perfect for coffee experimentation and social interactions.



Refreshing the brand’s visual language

As the birdship soars with the three founders paddling hard in the previous logo, it symbolizes their philosophy: you can achieve anything if you work hard together. Yet the complex logo poses great difficulties in applications.

We refreshed the logo while preserving its identity and gave the brand a friendly, simple and timeless visual language.


  • Spatial Planning
  • Customer Journey


  • Experience Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design