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George Community Coffee Roasters

  • Creating an authentic coffee experience in a city without coffee culture
  • In a rapidly developing city where the only coffee awareness is around an American chain, 3 young lads set out to build a coffee community on specialty coffee and fresh, locally roasted beans.

    The original logo tells us the founders’ philosophy of “we can fly if we work hard together”, which I extracted to the essence to fit the freshness of their coffee experience.

  • George Community’s brand message is manifested through the simplicity that guided the creation of their new visual identity and its café’s design. Fresh colors and geometric patterns communicate the colorful world of coffee varieties and their countries of origin.
  • With no walls but glass to allow maximum transparency and sunlight, the café stands atop Guiyang’s homogenous main street like an oasis.
  • To connect the café to the local community - quite literally - I designed the entrance with a stadium style staircase-seating in the shop front. There you can enjoy sunshine with your coffee, and even the occasional improvised street performance.
  • I planned the space for all walks of urban life. For the morning rush you can order your coffee at the takeaway window. If you are feeling adventurous you can join the barista at the coffee bar, where you can smell, watch and taste the seasonal single origin beans being brewed to your favorite method.
  • This is where you exchange, learn and experiment. There’s a laptop friendly worktable, a cozy area for more intimate conversations, several street-watching seats, outdoor seating and a corner for a large group of friends or family.

Corona E-Commerce Campaign

  • An integrated multi-platform campaign that generated 4500%+ sales increase
  • Four major insights shaped Corona’s most successful campaign in China to date: desire to escape from busy lives; craving for traveling to exotic destinations; luxury assets culturally considered as eligible requirements for romantic relationships; love for gambling but prohibited except in private KTV rooms and homes.
  • Leveraging these insights and building on Corona’s “Find your beach” brand message, we launched a cross-channel Single’s Day campaign, “Win your Island” - a month-long nation-wide campaign with a unique gamified bidding mechanism and emotional prizes to engage consumers and drive sales.
  • I supported the campaign’s amplification with activations that captured consumers across online and offline touch points - from digital media advertising to street marketing. Through ideation to execution, I worked closely with the client and liaised with teams of graphic and product designers and production managers to bring to live these activations as well as Corona’s beach culture.
  • “Win your Island” captured 146 millions impressions online and achieved 4% CTR increase with an online television commercial, growing Corona’s brand equity significantly. During the campaign, sales drove up 13 times averaging 68,000RMB/day and an overall 4500% increase in volume, and boosted sales to 20,000%+ on Single Day alone.

Pop Charmz

  • Building a market niche with a collectible that instantly personalizes everything
  • Charms are collectible jewelry items popularized by Pandora as to “celebrate your unforgettable moments”. Positioned an affordable luxury, they tap into the consumer’s desire more customization and personalization, and bridges the fragmented jewelry market. Inspired by the popularity of charms and their broad appeal, we ventured into the kids market and launched Pop Charmz.
  • Pop Charmz is a line of charms and accessories designed for kids. Made of plush material, they come with a friendly price tag and no choking hazards. They are easy to attached to practically anything - bracelets, zippers, backpacks, etc.. It’s “fun you can wear!”
  • We created over 200 designs and tested them with different age groups to define the first collections to launch. The first 6 collections were sold all over hong kong in 7-elevens, city’super, department stores etc., and distributed across the USA.
  • Playing a key role in facilitating the creation of Pop Charmz from initial research to launch, I was responsible for the entire brand expression: from visual identity to product design, sourcing to packaging and marketing material…

Ban Ban Guo

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